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'What's up mother truckers!?'
Ptfff, just kidding..
Hey guys, Margie here!
I am a artists who tends to draw random things, and or just draw what I like. Kind of weird is it not? Anyways, I am in highschool at the moment, and will be here on random occasions.
When I am up here, please to comment/message/note me if you like to talk and or make requests! (Options are down in the points section)

If you visit here, welcome to my little art page! I do tend to draw fanart, and many other things, such as requests and scenes (sometimes..)
Questions, do ask! I will be willing to answer them!
I really got nothing else to say...
So, see you guys soon! -Margie :heart:
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:heart: hello everyone! :heart:

Gee, it has been quite awhile since I have gone active on this account. 
Guess it is time to get back on the grind of making art/fanfiction again. 

Hopefully I can keep being on her more often!


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Im up for requests! :D
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Update: Admin face!
Just decided to have an update for you guys and that you do remember what I look like c:
Also, I'm Turing 18 this year holy fudge!!
How crazy is that?!
Anyways, I love ye all!
Just realized how bleh I look LOL

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"Order up!"

The sound of the male from behind the foodcart rang through Craig's ears, his gaze moving up to meet the others, a friendly smile played his lips as he reached over and grabbed the two hotdogs he bought. The man returned the smile as he watched Craig take his order, soon asking nicely.

"care for some ketchup, maybe even some mustard?"

Craig thought for a second before shaking his head.

"no sir, I am good. Thank you though"

With that, both of them nodded before Craig eventually took his leave, walking down the busy streets of New York. The sky's were semi grey, and the air itself seemed crisp and cool.

His attire was a simple dark blue hoodie with a white undershirt. His jeans were a dark grey, and his shoes were converse, the color also a dark blue.

He hummed to himself as people were doing business around. He took note of how people acted in New York.
They looked busy.

People with their own problems and own deeds that should be done. People were also shopping or heading home from work. Maybe even going to little restaurants with friends for lunch.

Whatever the case, Craig didn't really care for it.
It was their business and not his.
He glanced around before eventually finding his destination.
"Tompkins Square Park", he spoke aloud, a smile still plastered on his face. He stopped before carefully balancing both hot dogs in his left hand, using his right hand to pull out his cellphone. He bit his lip slightly as he unlocked his phone, scrolling through his messages before finally finding his friends name.


He then scrolled through his and Brock's messages before finding the location of where they would meet.
"Well... seems like this is the place I should be.."
With that said, Craig glanced around the street, finding an opening before he carefully booked it towards the Park, luckily not holding any traffic up with his silly anxiety.

It wasn't really silly, to have anxiety, but holding up at least 4-6 cars on a one-way street when crossing over slowly isn't really good either.

As he safely made it across, he saw his friend at the entrance of the huge park.

"Look who finally decided to show up", Brock spoke with a joking tone, fixing up his shades upon his face.
Brock's attire was just a basic dark grey flannel with bits of white on it. His jeans were black, matching his shoes, which were vans. He wore a simple grey beanie, hiding his semi short black hair. His soft brown eyes met Craig's blue soft ones, a smile soon showing on his face as well.

"I mean, the line for these babies were super long." Craig said finally as he handed one hotdog towards Brock, who took it gladly, fixing it up slightly before taking a bite out of it.

The two of them then entered the park, both walking side by side as they ate their delicious hotdogs.
After both of them finished, they began to walk towards the small grounds where flowers bloomed. Red and white, even yellow colors emerged as they walked by, both of them taking a small sigh. It was relaxing.
Yes the weather was rather cold, but out of everything, it was a nice day for a walk in the park.

"So Craig..."

Brock spoke, his gaze never leaving the flowers as they both walked at a slow pace.
"How have you been doing after... you know..."

Craig's gaze rose to meet Brock's, but he was still dazing off to the beautiful colors. His breath was caught in his throat, but it eventally came out in a heavy exhale.

"It's been quiet...". He admitted.

"I understand... it takes awhile for you to get over the passing of your animals.."

Brock then managed to look up, seeing Craig slump his shoulders slightly. He was doing so well, keeping his smile up and his attituide positive, but now all he wanted to do was mourn.

"It isn't easy, and you know that. I guess... I guess I don't like being alone back home."
He shrugged, Brock soon placing a gentle hand on Craig's shoulder.

"This is another reason why it was perfect for you to come out here with me and the others. You needed some time away from it..."
Craig thought for a moment before shrugging. Maybe he was right.

It beats being back at home crying and just laying around mourning alone. He had Brock. He had his friends. He knew most of them had animals of their own, so they could help him mourn, like he would for them.

Right now though, Brock and the others needed to get his spirits high and back on the perfect radar.
"Speaking of which, why did you invite me here?" Craig spoke, now looking a bit confused.
Brock then looked towards Craig before crossing his arms, giving a small look of wonder himself.
"Brian and Tyler told me that Evan had invited us all here for some big thing going on... I am not sure what about, yet I know we all have to meet Evan tomorrow"

Craig gave a slight unsure nod before he hummed to himself in wonder, soon noticing that they were now near the front entrance again. Time had gone by so fast..

"Well, Craig. Let's head back to the hotel. Hopefully we won't get lost in this big city", Brock said as Craig gave a small forced laugh and an eye roll.

"Right. Let's go."
The walk back was semi silent, yet had small sparks of conversation.

From Brock talking about the trip over to New York to how he and Brian had run into some fans. It was nice hearing about how they seemed to have a good trip.

Craig on the other hand, had a quiet one.

It was just a couple days after his dog, Sparky, passed on to the afterlife.
Craig was sad of course, just as anyone would if they had to put a part of their family down due to old age and broken hips.
He loved Sparky like he was his own son. Now he just had to think of fact.
Sparky isn't hurting anymore. Sparky is in a better place now.

His attention was soon brought back to reality as Brock as waved a hand in front of his face, a look of concern in his eyes.

"Craig. I said we are here."

Craig looked around, noticing that they were indeed, back in front of the hotel. He gave Brock a sheepish smile as he nodded, soon moving into the building.

The building itself was huge and full of life, from people checking in to people checking out. He watched as people talked with workers, while some seemed to be checking out the small gift shop. The place was beautiful and smelled of rich flavours from sweets to lovely perfumes.

Craig and Brock took an elevator up to the 4th floor, where they stayed.

"I'll see you around?"

Brock said, giving a small look as a smile formed on his lips, Craig returning the gesture before he nodded.
"You know it. I'll catch you when I leave for dinner tonight. Also, text the guys and see if they would like to join us"
Brock returned the nod before turning and making his way down the hall.
Craig did the same, yet went the opposite direction.

He kept quiet all the way to his room, a small frown on his face. He was alone now. At least with a small empty stomach. The hotdog was good enough to keep his hunger low for later.
He checked his pockets, soon pulling out a room key. As he made it towards his room, he couldn't help but feel as if something was off. It was bothering him. Majorly.

His gaze scanned the area around him, seeing the halls empty around. A small frown was on his face. Something felt off, and he couldn't put his finger on it.

With a small shrug, he entered his room.
The room itself was rather big for one person, but Craig didn't mind. He loved the open space. He didn't feel so trapped.
He turned and closed his door, locking it behind him before he went off to do his own thing, which was to lay in bed and wait. He just waited for something to happen, since not much happened with him.

It was quiet, and it was eating Craig up.

It was too quiet.

He felt uneasy.

Something was wrong..

Craig eventually let out a small groan, soon placing his phone and glasses on the bedside desk. He turned off the small lamp beside his bed and curled up, hugging the soft white pillows close to his chest, and soon close to his face.
"...I should just sleep this off..."

He muttered, closing his eyes, slowly dozing off into his own little dream world..

'Calm down. Calm down. It's just a bug. It's just a bug'
The male in the dimly lit room breathed in a shallow breath, their blue eyes scanning around the room they were in.

'Where. Where did it go'

He thought, soon enough giving a loud growl before he threw his shoe towards the wall.

He was alone, but did not feel alone.

It felt as if someone was here and just, breathing in the same room as him.
It made him feel unsafe and very pissed.

He assumed it was just a bug making small fluttering noises. It had to be something, but he couldn't find the source of it. It was driving him mad.

He then got up and yelled, punching the wall roughly before turning and holding his head, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead and cheeks.

"Make it stop. Make it fucking stop please!"

He shouted, soon pacing around his room.

He wanted it to stop.

He needed it to stop, but it didn't.

The male then yelled out once more, soon making eye contact with himself through the broken mirror on the wall infront of him.
He broke it of course.

His hand felt numb, but his whole body felt numb as well. So it made no difference.
He stared at himself, a sneer and look of pure annoyance in his blue eyes.

His hair was a semi dark brown, and his shirt was soft grey. His hair was messy and it looked as if he had been crying for awhile, due to the slight redness in his eyes.

"...this is your fault. All your fault.."

He spoke harshly, a sudden smirk forming on his face as he went closer to the mirror.

"Your fault. Your fault! YOUR FAULT!"

He yelled, soon hitting the wall with his hands a bit. He sneered once more before shaking his head, growling lowly now.
" is only a matter of time till we play again.. I suggest you start playing along.."

His sneered darkened.


Jonathan raised his fist quickly, throwing a punch at the mirror before a crack was heard.


Craig shouted, panting slightly as he held his chest. He awoke in a cold sweat, his body shaking slightly before he went and rubbed his face, and then his neck.

"...fucking hell..."

He spoke softly before he laid back down, his eyes glued to the ceiling now.
'What the fuck kind of dream was that..'

He thought, utterly confused on why he just had that kind of dream.
Whatever the reason, he felt like it was important. Very important.


He then moved and grabbed his cellphone, checking the time.
An hour after Brock and himself had went out. That felt like only a couple minutes..
He exhaled sharply before eventually sitting up fully. He ran a hand through his short brown curly hair.


He couldn't drop what he had just witnessed... even if it was a dream.
He turned on the lamp light beside the bed, soon getting up fully and making his way to the bathroom.
He turned on the bathroom light before going and washing his face.

'your fault'

Those words ran through his mind over and over again. It sounded cold in his head and he just wanted it to go away.
As he finished washing his face, he looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes going wide as he saw his eye color change, matching the males in his dream.

With a small shout, he jumped back against the wall, staring before noticing it was only his eyes and not the other..

He was jumpy.

It was a bad dream.

He was just...

Whatever. He needed to get Brock and just let loose for right now.
As if on cue, a knock was on the door of Craig's room, causing him to flinch slightly.

"Craig! Are you alright in there?"

It took a moment to register the voice, but it was non other than his friend Lui.

"Yeah.. Yeah.. I am alright. Just.. scared myself." He said, staring at his reflection on the mirror.
"You need to stop watching scary movies dude! They will get to you. Now come on and get ready! Brock told me to come get you. The other dudes are in the lobby waiting!"
Lui said in a joyful tone, as if he was ready to go himself.

"Right! Let me just.. get my shoes on and I'll be down. " Craig said finally, soon getting a reply from his friend.
"Cool! I'll head down and tell the others. See you in a moment!"

Just like that, Lui had made a turn back down the hall, heading towards the lobby for his friends..
Craig on the other hand, gave a small frown at his reflection.

He knew it was a dream, but why did this dream feel so important..

With a small shrug, and a small sigh, he turned and left the bathroom, turning the lights off and closing the door, not noticing the blue eyes watching him from the mirror.
Unstable: Chapter 1- Part I
:heart: Here it is finally! Chapter 1! Or.. at least part of it :) :heart:

I do hope you enjoy part I of Chapter 1! 
If there are any mistakes, please tell me so I can fix them up :) :heart:
For those who have been here waiting for this story, thank you for still being here!
Let's hope for more content in the future :heart:
For now, I hope you enjoy my darlings :heart:
Jonathan's First Victims

This was just something I did on the road :)
But yes, Jonathan would like his victims nicely dressed. It's more... professional.
See how Jonathan's eyes are different than the others.
Well, you get the idea of him being the controller of his victim's :^)
Please don't steal :heart:

I hope you enjoy this doodle
Also wanted to give them a sorta official look



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